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Ecommerce Wizards Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

Kevin Hillstrom is the President of MineThatData, a service that offers data-driven insights into how customers interact with brands, advertising, products, and channels. Kevin has helped over 250 clients ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar brands. His MineThatData blog is widely read in the marketing industry and has 10,000 monthly visitors.

Kevin has over 30 years of experience in analytics and marketing, giving him a keen understanding of the relationship between the two. Previously, he worked for leading brands such as Nordstrom and Eddie Bauer.

In this episode…

All ecommerce businesses use data, but how deep do they go? Sure, a few analytics might help businesses make better marketing decisions, but that’s only the beginning. Having detailed data and knowing how to read it might be the most important component of any brand’s success. Now, all you need is the right expert.

Enter Kevin Hillstrom, a data specialist and customer development expert. His services and blog are centered around using sophisticated analytics tools to help ecommerce companies make the right choices. His long career in the marketing and analytics industries have given him the expertise to not only interpret the information but also apply it. Now, he’s here to share a glimpse into his process and how he translates numbers into results.

Guillaume Le Tual sits down with Kevin Hillstrom, the President of MineThatData, to discuss how he uses data to help brands understand and convert customers. They talk about how to both acquire new customers and foster loyalty among pre-existing clients. They also dive into the future of ecommerce, how to effectively use discounts, and the three different types of consumer audiences to target. Find out the rest on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast!