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Ecommerce Wizards Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

Steve Chou is the Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, an educational blog and podcast that teaches people how to sell physical products in the digital marketplace. Steve is also the Co-founder of Sellers Summit, a curriculum-based conference where attendees can receive current and practical ecommerce strategies. Additionally, he runs Bumblebee Linens, a seven-figure online store that sells handkerchiefs and linens for special occasions. 

Before this, Steve worked in electrical engineering for almost 20 years at companies such as Tensilica and Cadence Design Systems.

In this episode…

It’s getting harder and harder for businesses to thrive with brick-and-mortar stores alone. Many companies have started exploring ecommerce, with some making a full transition to the digital marketplace. The only problem? Ecommerce is a vastly different industry.

The old faithful strategies of running an in-person store don’t work the same online. In fact, even the best techniques are changing day to day and year to year. It can be intimidating to try and enter the world of ecommerce so late in the game. However, there are experts who have dedicated themselves to helping brands in their early years of selling online. One of these is Steve Chou, the Founder of the blog and podcast My Wife Quit Her Job. Now, he’s here to share that same advice with you.

Guillaume Le Tual interviews Steve Chou, the Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, to discuss how to successfully transition from brick and mortar to ecommerce. Together, they go over strategies for expanding your business online, the best channels to market in, and why high barriers to entry can be effective. They also share the common pitfalls for new ecommerce brands and how to avoid them. Find out more on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.