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Ecommerce Wizards Podcast

Jul 1, 2021

Burc Tanir is the CEO and Co-founder of Prisync, a company that tracks competitor prices and offers dynamic pricing software for e-commerce businesses. Since starting Prisync in 2013 in Istanbul, Burc has scaled it to serve more than 500 e-commerce brands from over 50 different countries. 

Before founding Prisync, Burc held marketing and sales roles for a number of companies. He co-founded his first business, a multi-platform enterprise IM app called BizCorner, in 2012. Now, he utilizes his professional experience to continue to grow and scale Prisync.

In this episode…

How should you price your products? After all of the time and effort that goes into creating a quality product, it can be difficult to know exactly how to value it. The e-commerce marketplace is crowded with brands that offer a wide range of prices. So, how can you utilize your competitors’ rates to create your own pricing strategy? 

Fortunately, Prisync has made this process easy. Prisync is a SaaS company that helps e-commerce brands around the world track their competitors’ pricing. The Prisync team works with some of the leading brands in technology, including partnerships with both Shopify and Magento. Now, Burc Tanir, the CEO and Co-founder of Prisync, is here to share his expert approach to pricing with you.

In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Burc Tanir, the CEO and Co-founder of Prisync, talks with Guillaume Le Tual about competitive pricing in the e-commerce space. Together, they answer some frequent questions about pricing, including how to determine the right time to raise your prices and the best ways to respond to a change in your competitor’s rates. Burc also shares his advice for finding the right balance between quality and affordability. Stay tuned.